Batumi Tribe, Batumi


Client:Sodi Investment LLC

Start date:Apr 2022
Completion date:Jan 2024
Total Area: 7200 m2
The 1905–1906 building has been designated as a cultural heritage site.

The building has three floors and is built in the modern art style. As of today, the identity of the architect is unknown. The author uses a mirror image to recreate the openings and artistic compositional decoration. The facades abound in artistic and decorative elements characteristic of modernism, such as floral relief friezes, relief images of women, cartouches, a grotesque haut-relief head of a man at the bottom of the balcony, garlands, colourful mosaics and others.

In April 2022, Anagi Construction Company launched the reconstruction works of the object. Due to the status of the building, the façade of the building maintained its current appearance.

Under the contract, the following work is to be performed:

• façades easement and restoration;
• construction of the building structures;
• insulation of the underground walls;
• façade finishing.