Design Works

Design works

Anagi offers design services for the following types of buildings and structures:

• Residential buildings; 
• Hotels; 
• Public buildings; 
• Industrial buildings; 
• Private residences.
Design works are executed according to Georgian Regulations and Norms existing and, considering the customer needs and project requirements, include the following works:

• Topographic measurement of the territory; 
• Engineering and geological study; 
• Determination of existing design parameters in Municipal authorities; 
• Demolition design, if any; 
• Architectural project; 
• Interior design; 
• Structural design; 
• Façade project; 
• MEP design; 
• Preparation of the preliminary construction budget.
We provide approval of the project and obtain the construction permit from the Municipal services.
Design works consist of 4 stages:

I stage* – concept (at least two concepts and their presentation);
II stage – schematic design (plans, facades, interiors, their concepts and presentations); 
III stage – design development (80% of design documentation); 
IV stage – preparation of full package of construction documentation and submittal to the customer.

Furthermore, in case of the customer’s wish, the company performs author’s supervision in the process of construction.

* At least two concepts will be presented during the first stage. All requests of the customer will be taken into consideration during preparation of the sketch. After approval of the sketch it will be presented to the municipal services to obtain the permits.