Georgian-American Academy Progress, Batumi


Client:Georgian-American Academy Progress LLC

Start date:Jan 2021
Completion date:Sep 2022
Total Area: 7500 m2
Functional profile of the building: Multifunctional Residential Complex
Address: Batumi, V. Shamilidze Street No. 30

Georgian-American School Progress is a 4-storey building designed for 800 students. The façade fit with 3D lighting is covered with brick tiles.

The school is equipped with all necessary fire safety systems including detection, evacuation, ventilation, fire extinguishing system and emergency lighting. The school also has a separate gym, as well as technical buildings with the fire tank, pump, boiler, generator and transformer areas. The school has been completely adapted for disabled people.

Anagi Construction Company carried out the construction of the monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the building, finishing of the façade, interior, paving of the territory, as well as the installation of engineering networks.