Aircraft Composites Factory, Tbilisi


Client:Elbit Systems Cyclone LTD

Start date:Dec 2016
Completion date:Jul 2018
Total Area: 16000 m2
Functional profile: Industrial Facility
Address: Tbilisi, V. Beridze Street No. 6

The intricate office block and main entrance of this industrial-style factory have unique, visually appealing architecture and a high-tech design. The design-dominant and visible structural elements feature a cantilevered upper floor, elevated showcases, and a contrasting combination of modern façade panels that each highlight the high-tech and modern aspects of this factory.

The building area of the ATC factory spans over 16,000 square meters, with heights varying between 8 and 14 meters. Constructed on reinforced concrete point foundations, the building’s structure is made up of metal columns, coils, diaphragms, and truss elements. Additionally, thermally insulated polyurethane fire-resistant sandwich panels cover the exterior of the structure.