m³ Saburtalo, Tbilisi



Start date:Oct 2021
Completion date:Jun 2024
Total Area: 193500 m2
Functional profile: Residential District
Address: Tbilisi, Marshal Gelovani Avenue No. 23
Author of the architectural project: ZGF

m³ Saburtalo is the fifth project that Anagi Construction Company is building at the commission of the m² Development Company. A total of 11.5 hectares are being used to construct this new, cutting-edge neighbourhood.

In addition to quiet and active recreation areas, entertainment, educational, and shared workspaces are all connected by the boulevard, bike lanes, and pedestrian routes that round the green central park. Food facilities, stores, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, and other requirements for a high-quality life are all present on the property.

The façades of the buildings are lined with perforated railings having a unique design; three main textures and colours are used in the design of the façades and the whole complex is distinguished by its straightforward aesthetics.

At this stage, Anagi is completing the façade, interior finishing and engineering network works of Building No. IV. As to Buildings No. V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X, their structures are still under construction, engineering networks are being laid and façades and interiors - being finished.