Customs Clearance Zone, Adlia


Client:Ministry of Finance of Georgia

Start date:Aug 2010
Completion date:Nov 2010
Total Area: 4200 m2
The 2-floor building is designed with a full framed structural diagram. Its reinforced concrete load-bearing elements are simple, flat platelike, and bar elements. Full finishing works were executed in the interior of the building and in internal offices with the installation of utility systems. Auxiliary buildings and structures were arranged, boiler room, generator room, water reservoir, sewage water treatment plant was built. External engineering and drainage networks were arranged. Parking with an area of 5000 m2 was arranged in the yard, cladded with concrete stones. The territory was landscaped with young plants. The borehole for potable water was drilled with depth until 90 m.

Foundations – pad foundations from monolithic reinforced concrete.
Walls – small concrete masonry blocks.
Glass panels – aluminum profiles, double-pane insulated windows.
Façade finishing – Okalux glass panels.
Outdoor veranda – paved with ceramic granite tiles.