Archi Digomi 2A, Tbilisi



Start date:Nov 2018
Completion date:Aug 2020
Total Area: 17150 m2

Project Description

18-floor residential complex has framed structural diagram with tie elements and monolithic reinforced concrete core. One-storey underground parking building adjoins main block and is separated from it with aseismic and expansion joints.

Foundation – monolithic reinforced concrete slab with the thickness 1100 mm and 400 mm.
Outer walls – Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete blocks.
Inner walls – small concrete masonry blocks.
Façade heat insulation – EPS panels.
Façade finishing – decorative basalt tiles, decorative plaster, cladding with timber.
Façade openings – brown metal-plastic windows, black aluminium glass panels and louvres from square tubes painted in black.
Public spaces paving– ceramic granite tiles.
Terraces – heat insulation, ceramic granite tiles.
Balcony paving – ceramic granite tiles.
Balcony railings – metal square tubes and glass railings.