Adjarabet Arena, Batumi


Client:Stadioni LLC

Start date:Jan 2018
Completion date:May 2021
Capacity: 20000 spectators

Project Description

Batumi football stadium has been designed in accordance with the requirements of UEFA category 4 and can hold 20 000 spectators. The pitch is equipped with drainage and stormwater sewage systems.

The outdoor parking, gardens, paths paved with concrete decorative tiles, roads and grounds will be located on the outer territory of the stadium. Organized and safe movement of spectators will be guided through protective barriers and metal guide railings. 

The stadium is designed with a full framed structural diagram. Its monolithic reinforced concrete load-bearing elements are comprised of simple bar and flat plate-like elements.

Foundations – monolithic reinforced concrete slab. 
Columns – monolithic reinforced concrete. 
Core walls – monolithic reinforced concrete. 
Beams – monolithic reinforced concrete
Floor slabs – monolithic reinforced concrete
Grandstands – 1st stand - prefabricated reinforced concrete structure, 2nd stand - monolithic reinforced concrete.
Roof load-bearing structure – metal cantilever trusses.
Roof – composite membrane on metal girders.
Walls and partitions – small concrete masonry blocks.
Glass panels – aluminum profiles.
Façade finishing – composite membrane framed with metal elements.