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Anagi is the largest construction company in Georgia. It was founded in 1989 and shortly moved to the leading position in the construction sector of the country, currently maintaining this position with dignity.

Main activity of Anagi is Civil and Industrial Construction and the scope of its activity includes full spectrum of this field. The company is ready to offer full service package to the customer – starting from design works and completing with the comissioning of the site.

Since 2011 Quality Management System – ISO 9001 has been introduced and continues to function efficiently. In 2017 Anagi successfully completed recertification in accordance with the rules established by the International Organization for Standardization and obtained ISO 9001:2015 certificate. Implementation of modern technologies and systems in management, as well as directly in construction, is the main priority of Anagi.

The company employs highly qualified engineering personnel, majority of them having work experience of over than 10 years. Currently nearly 3 000 people are employed by the company.

Here, in Anagi, we give particular importance to each customer. We constantly care about their requirements to the maximum possible limit.

The company permanently cares about satisfying the highly competitive market requirements and delivering of the exclusive service considering modern tendencies in the construction sector.

Main goal of Anagi is to conscientiously perform the obligations undertaken before the customer, which guarantees company long-term reliability. 

Field of activities and key focus areas

Anagi offers the full package of design and construction services or any part thereof to interested natural and legal persons, including:
  • Construction of hotels; residential, public, industrial buildings and single-family homes
  • Interior design and indoor works
  • Exterior finishing works
  • Management of design and construction activities
  • Provision of motor vehicles and construction machinery services
  • Laboratory services to determine the quality of building materials and products, and the compliance with Standards
  • Advisory services regarding organization, technology, legal procedures and other directions of the field.

Quality Policy

Anagi LLC strives to be a leader in a competitive market, fully satisfying customers' requirements and thus justifying trust. Our quality policy is to continuously improve construction and installation work.

The organization is obliged to:
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system
  • To improve the quality of construction and installation works and ensure the reliability of our customers through competence, efficiency and orientation to customer requests
  • Have close relationships with customers to properly explore their wishes and expectations
  • Provide maximum information about the means and capabilities of the organization in the framework of the project
  • Carefully review customer complaints and solve the problem as soon as possible
  • Constantly have qualified personnel to implement new projects, think about improving their professionalism and professional training, and improving infrastructure
  • Create a suitable working environment for management and ordinary employees, increase productivity, take care of their motivation
  • Use innovative and high-quality technologies / resources to achieve more efficient results
  • Comply with applicable laws and international standards
  • Periodically check the quality of the supplier and the supplied resources
  • Participate in state tenders.

Workplace Hygiene and Safety Policy

Workplace hygiene and labor protection is a part of the Anagi LLC’s Health and Safety Policy.

The key requirement of the Workplace Hygiene and Safety Policy is that every man and woman employee be able to receive decent and fruitful work, in conditions of freedom, equality, security, and human dignity

This commitment is supported by the Company’s Policies through its Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.

The tasks of workplace hygiene, safety and environmental protection are the main motive force for the Labor Protection and Safety Policy Department of the Anagi LLC. This Department was created for effective, everyday control of operational and strategic issues. 

Labor Health and Safety Engineering Department of the Anagi LLC is committed to the following ideas

- Ensure systematic improvement of the working conditions 
- Protection of employees' labor rights 
- Improvement of the working conditions
- Improvement of the hygiene and sanitary conditions
- Provision of the necessary training and instruction for the employees

The Company self-identify as obliged to:
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of labor protection and hygiene system
  • Increase the quality of the work performed by the labor protection staff and ensure their close cooperation with the customers to properly assess their wishes and expectations
  • Within the project implementation, to provide maximum information to the customers regarding the Company’s capabilities and abilities
  • Carefully study customers’ claims and resolve the problem in the shortest possible time
  • Regularly hold the qualified staff in order to implement the latest projects, take care of the improvement of their professional skills and study, develop infrastructure
  • In order to increase productiveness, to create an adequate working environment for management and ordinary employees, take care of their motivation
  • To use innovative and high-quality technologies/resources to achieve more effective results
  • To comply with the works with applicable legislation and international standards
  • Periodically review the quality of the supplier and the resources supplied.


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