Park Home Vake, Tbilisi


Client:Anagi Development LLC

Start date:Jun 2020
Completion date:Nov 2023
Total Area: 70000 m2
The structural design of the building is of a frame-braced type with a rigid core in the center of the building. The foundation is laid with a 1.5 m thick reinforced concrete slab based on a 1.5 m diameter and 50-55 m high piles. The cantilever effect is obtained with continuous diaphragmatic walls on three floors connected to the rigid core through the cantilever part of the building.

The premium line complex consists of three 10-story independent blocks. The buildings are connected to each other by a common podium. The podium will house a business center, commercial and office spaces, an art gallery, a gym with a 25-meter swimming pool, and a car park.

The recreation area will be displayed on 8,000 sq.m. of the complex territory and include a courtyard, a green terrace, and children’s and sports grounds. In addition, a two-hectare park will be laid out in front of the complex.