Park Home Vake, Tbilisi


Client:Anagi Development LLC

Start date:Jun 2020
Completion date:Nov 2023
Total Area: 70000 m2
Functional profile: Residential Complex
Address: Tbilisi, Adjacent to Avalishvili Street and Vake tennis courts
Author of the architectural project: Midamo LLC

Surrounded by 8,000 square meters of recreational space, this premium-line, energy-efficient residential complex is comprised of three separate, 10-story blocks. The buildings are connected with a common platform that accommodates a business center, commercial and office areas, an art gallery, a gym, a 25-meter swimming pool, and a parking facility.

The cube-shaped, light-toned structures have symmetrical checkerboard balconies with pixelated, asymmetric cubes on each side that dissect at the base corners. These irregular cubes, finished in bold, contrasting tones, add uniqueness and modernity to the three buildings.

Each building utilizes a frame-link construction scheme, with a rigid core positioned at its center – where a 1.5-meter-thick reinforced concrete slab serves as the foundation. It is also positioned on 1.5-meter diameter piles that rise 50 to 55 meters high. In essence, three stories of continuous diaphragm walls connect the core to the cantilevered part of the building to produce such a prominent cantilevering effect.

The work completed:

• construction of the building structures;
• insulation of the underground walls;
• block piling works;
• roof insulation works;
• installation of engineering networks;
• façade finishing;
• paving common spaces;
• 200 apartment finishing (Comfort Standart +);
• landscaping.