m² Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi



Start date:Aug 2023
Completion date:Dec 2025
Functional Profile: Residential Complex
Address: Tbilisi, Innovation Street No. 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, & 30
Author of the architectural project: Hausart 

The residential complex, spanning over 20,000 square meters and enveloped completely by beautiful greenery, is located on Innovation Street in the Mtatsminda district of Tbilisi.

Each of these six energy-efficient, five-story buildings has different planning typologies, unique exteriors, spacious verandas, and panoramic views. With rectilinear architecture and flat roofs, the buildings are arranged in a mirror-like pattern across the plot of land. A driveway encircles the entire perimeter of the property, thus creating a single green space throughout the courtyard. The balconies are decorated with asymmetric shutters, characteristic of modern buildings, and the façades are adorned with fascia panels and high-quality finishing materials.

Under the contract, the following work is to be performed:

• construction of the building structures;
• insulation of the underground walls.