Lisi Green Tower, Tbilisi


Client:Lisi Development

Start date:Nov 2018
Completion date:Feb 2023
Total Area: 9000 m2
Functional profile: Residential Building
Address: Tbilisi, Nekerchkhali Street No. 23
Author of the architectural project: UN Studio

The Lisi Green Tower residential building, surrounded by terraces with panoramic views, is distinguished by its original structural form of reinforced concrete alongside ribbed façades of fiber concrete standing in two dominant colors. Situated within the Green Lisi Town complex, the building sits atop an area of up to 65 hectares.

Adjacent to the main building is a partially underground shopping center, on top of which there is a recreational area with a unique design that combines straight corners with asymmetrical ovals.

The work completed:

• construction of the building structures;
• block piling works;
• installation of engineering networks;
• façade finishing;
• landscaping.