Green Gardens Batumi, Batumi


Client:Green Gardens Batumi LLC

Start date:Feb 2023
Completion date:Aug 2023
Functional profile: Residential Complex
Address: Batumi, E. Mikeladze Street No. 23
Author of the architectural project: Leri Gogichaishvili

The original design, comprised of several planning typologies and townhouses of various stories arranged in two rows within a protected area, is distinguished by an intersection of walls and mezzanine tiles. These structures are predominantly white in color while incorporating wooden and light-gray front panels. The complex also has a flat roof that can serve practical purposes. Moreover, its blind walls are adorned with vertical vegetation, and at the far end of the courtyard, there is a peaceful relaxation space and a swimming pool.

The work completed:

• construction of the building structures;
• insulation of the underground walls.