Tabori - Hotel and Golf Club, Tbilisi


Client:Tabori Resorts LLC

Start date:Oct 2017
Completion date:Dec 2024
Functional profile: Hotel
Address: Tbilisi, Mount Tabori
Author of the architectural project: Irakli Sharashidze

The complex is situated on Mount Tabori, close to the settlement of Tsavkisi, from which breathtaking views of the nation’s capital open.

The building has a curvilinear shape on the plan, where due to the complexity of execution and sophisticated design, there are particularly impressive 17 round columns each 15-meter-high in the lobby. The façade of the building is covered with terracotta-coloured natural stone, Schüco profiles and Saint-Gobain glass are also added.

Under the contract, the following work is to be performed:

• construction of the building structures;
• insulation of the underground walls;
• block piling works;
• roof insulation works;
• MEP works;
• façade finishing;
• paving common spaces;
• complete finishing of 176 rooms;
• landscaping.