m² Highlight, Tbilisi



Start date:May 2023
Completion date:Jan 2026
Total Area: 87000 m2
Functional profile: Multifunctional Residential Complex
Address: Tbilisi, Marshal Gelovani Avenue No. 1
Author of the architectural project: Davit Kevanishvili

With unique architecture and design, these 26- and 36-story skyscrapers incorporate open terraces, shared workspaces, office and commercial areas, as well as underground parking and manager services for the complex. Standing side-by-side, the two skyscrapers with rounded corners are harmoniously interconnected with two above-ground stories. Their façades are distinguished by straight, vertical partitions, creating a plain, contemporary aesthetic that induces a sense of upward movement.

The project specifically values inclusive accessibility, energy efficiency, and a high standard of safety.

Under the contract, the following work is to be performed:

• construction of the building structures;
• insulation of the underground walls;
• block piling works;
• roof insulation works;
• installation of engineering networks;
• façade finishing;
• paving common spaces;
• paving 1000 apartments (white frame).