m² at Hippodrome 2, Tbilisi


Client:m² LTD

Start date:Nov 2015
Completion date:Mar 2018
Total Area: 102400 m2

Project Description

Residential complex consists of three - 17-, 22- and 23-floor buildings and 4-floor parking building. Buildings are designed with full framed structural diagram. Their reinforced concrete load-bearing elements are simple, flat platelike and straight bar elements.

Foundations – monolithic reinforced concrete bored piles with length 21-25 m, which are bonded by monolithic reinforced concrete slab.
Walls and partitions – small concrete wall blocks.
Doors, windows and glass panels – German metal-plastic Salamander profiles, energy-efficient double-pane insulated windows.
Façade finishing – decorative Munchen plaster, insulation with Rockwool panels, Caparol paint.
Thermal insulation – Rockwool panels.
Balcony railings – Lamex glass with stainless steel elements.
Elevators – by Kone.