Hualing Boutique Hotel, Tbilisi


Client:JSC Hualing Group

Start date:Jan 2021
Completion date:May 2024
Total Area: 19200 m2
Functional profile: Hotel
Address: Tbilisi, G. Chanturia Street No. 12
Author of the architectural project: NK Construction

This 12-story building, with a construction area of up to 20,000 square meters, is found in a central area of the city – on the site of the former building of the Georgian Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.

The compositional geometry of the new building replicates the exterior of the previous edifice, ensuring the distinctive gabled bay windows are incorporated and preserved within the new structure. Furthermore, a volumetric architectural solution is being updated as part of the central entrance. Vertical showcases will also be integrated, while the roof level will be adorned with a bespoke glass cube.

Under the contract, the following work is to be performed:

• dismantling of the existing building;
• construction of the building structures;
• insulation of the underground walls;
• block piling works;
• roof insulation works;
• façade finishing;
• landscaping.