Hotel on Freedom Square, Tbilisi


Client:Tbilisi City LTD

Start date:Mar 2016
Completion date:Dec 2017
Number of Rooms: 250
Anagi performed the construction of the monolithic reinforced concrete frame of the building.

10-floor hotel complex with one underground floor consists of four blocks. Blocks are designed with full framed structural diagrams. Their reinforced concrete load-bearing frame is decided with the simple, round-shape flat platelike and straight bar elements. 

Foundations – monolithic reinforced concrete bored piles with diameter 900 and 1200 mm, length 7-12 m, which are bonded by monolithic reinforced concrete beam slab.

The large-span waffle-slab floor is arranged on one of the floors of the third block, with plan dimensions 18X35 m and beam sections 70X280 and 60X160 cm.