Cityzen, Tbilisi


Client:City Development LLC

Start date:May 2023
Completion date:Dec 2024
Total Area: 29000 m2
Functional profile: Multifunctional Residential Complex
Address: Tbilisi, University Street No. 2
Author of the architectural project: In collaboration with Artstudio Project and Lineart

With its unique architecture, this multi-purpose complex consists of one mixed-use, high-rise main block, incorporating multiple levels that house open green terraces, alongside further multi-story residential blocks with cubic layouts and cascading open terraces. The main building is fashioned in a hi-tech style using contemporary materials, where non-balcony façades are decorated with asymmetric vertical shutters. While the residential blocks, on the contrary, have various balconies with natural materials fully exploited. The area is surrounded by 23,000 square meters of recreational area, which includes a vast pool as well as both relaxation and active recreational areas.

Under the contract, the following work is to be performed:

• construction of the building structures.