Stability and Reliability

Many years of successful activity and experience of Anagi in the construction field allowed the company to obtain high qualifications in the field of construction production and enabled it to develop a flexible and comfortable environment for relations with customers.

With more than three decades of experience, approaches tuned to the interests of the customer, financial stability and conscientious performance of obligations guarantee Anagi high level of credibility.

Full Spectrum of Construction Process

The company constructs residential, hotel, public, industrial buildings, and private residences. Considering the customer needs, the company offers design services, legalization, technical supervision, the full scope of construction management, etc.

Flexible Financing Plan

Flexible financing scheme of the project – no requirement for advance payment, with the condition of corresponding guarantee obligations.

Stability and Reliability

With more than three decades of experience, approaches tuned to the interests of the customer, financial stability and conscientious performance of obligations guarantee Anagi high level of credibility.

Construction with Modern Technologies

Rapidly developing technologies and highly competitive environment creates additional motivation for the company to utilize new, innovative approaches in the construction, as well as in the management. The engineering team, procurement, and technology departments constantly search for, test and implement the innovations offered in the construction sector.

Powerful Technical and Production Bases

High-tech construction focused on speed and quality is impossible without modern technique, which is efficiently provided for by Anagi-Mechanization. There are more than 120 units of multifunctional vehicles and machinery at the disposal of the company. Qualified personnel and technicians operate the equipment.

Unconditional Fulfillment of Contractual Liabilities

During the project planning, Anagi pays significant attention to correct determination of the principal components of the construction, such as: deadlines, technologies and quality requirements, financial schemes, etc., as far as primary task of the company is impeccable execution of these positions during the production phase.

Experienced and Highly Qualified Specialists

Success of Anagi is in many respects determined by high professionalism of its team. Most of the engineering and technical staff involved in the construction process has more than 10 years of work experience in construction. They are supported by a strong back-office team; financial and legal departments, technical support and management team, quality control and others also staffed with professionals.

High Quality Service

During planning and implementation of the design works and the construction process, the company gives higher priority to creation of comfortable conditions for the customer, which implies: preparation of the detailed reports, execution of the changes, joint resolution of the problems that arise. In addition to compliance with deadlines, requested quality and other conditions, success of the project also depends on the level of customer satisfaction.

Service on the Whole Territory of Georgia

Tbilisi, Batumi, Mestia, Poti, Bakuriani, Aspindza - this is a partial non-exhaustive list of the regions where Anagi’s completed or ongoing projects are located. No matter whether it is a seaside or mountainous area or a busy city, the Anagi team works successfully everywhere.