Терраса Блек Си, Батуми


Kлиент:ООО «Блек Си Терраса»

Дата начала:Март 2021
Дата завершения:Октябрь 2023
Площадь Застройки: 25200 m2
Part of the interior finishing works from the 7th floor to the 27th floor except for the 19th and the 24th floors of the 29-storey residential building Terrasa BaTumi was completed by Anagi Construction Company. Paving works were carried out in a total of 514 apartments, out of which 379 apartments were completely finished, 127 - up to the black framed carcass, and 8 apartments - up to the white framed carcass. Entrances, corridors and parking spaces were also paved.