The most active process in the company starts when the final agreement with the customer is achieved, and includes preparation for the construction works and their direct implementation. This process consists of the several phases and different branches are involved in it. Principle of team working of the company Anagi is the most remarkable at this stage.

• Creation and approval of the construction team

On the basis of project specification, its complexity and geographic location the company management composes and approves the construction team which is leaded by the Site Manager. The team also includes experienced surveyors. Determination and selection of optimal number of teams, as well as coordination between teams and planning of effective redistribution at the construction site takes place under the supervision of the Site Manager.

• Appointment of Project Manager

Project Manager is the representative of Anagi who directly communicates with the customer. In order to provide comfortable conditions for the customer, the Project Manager constantly informs the customer about progress of the project, is involved in operative solution of the current problems, provides recommendations for optimal solutions about the technical and organizational matters.

• Provision of construction machinery and inventory

Final details of jointly elaborated construction management and implementation project, such as plans of distribution of the construction machinery, technical parameters of vehicles and equipment, logistic layouts, process sequence, are settled down together with the technical personnel of Anagi-Mechanization. Starting from mobilization phase of the project until full demobilization the team of Anagi-Mechanization is in permanent readiness to promptly satisfy all requirements of the site under construction.

• Documentation and technical support

Division of technical support ensures provision of the agreed design-estimate documentation, construction schedules, site registers and respective reports of the work performance. Together with the financial team of Anagi, specialists of the department constantly monitor and record condition of the project and reporting.

• Procurement of materials and services

Considering the plan elaborated in advance, as well as additional requirements of the customer during the construction process, the procurement and logistics departments ensure prompt purchase and delivery of all required materials and services from the local as well as from any foreign markets.

• Safety and Labour Protection

Safety of the engineering-technical personnel, manpower and third persons is the main priority of Anagi. Safety plan developed in advance, introductory and principal trainings, as well as unconditional performance of the instructions are a constant matter of attention of Safety and Labour Protection department personnel.

• Planning of quality control and technology procedures

Considering the specifics of the project, the Quality Control and technology department elaborates a plan of quality requirements, technologies used and methodologies for works production at site. The department sends its permanent representative, who performs monitoring of this important direction.

• Legal support

During planning and implementation of the construction, legal team of Anagi ensures prompt organization of subjects concerning permits, procedural questions and other matters liased with the Municipal authorities, City and Local governments, utility companies and other third parties.

During planning and implementation of the construction, legal team of "Anagi" ensures operative organization of subjects concerning permits, procedural questions and other matters connected with Municipal authorities, City and Local self-governments, network owner companies and third persons.