After the final agreement with the customer is reached, the most dynamic process in the company begins, including preparation for and implementation of construction works. The process consists of several stages involving different fields. At exactly this stage is the principle of the teamwork of the company Anagi is most tangible.

• Creation and approval of construction-production group

Proceeding from the project specifications, its complexity and geographical location, the company management identifies and approves the construction production team headed by a site manager. The group also includes experienced surveyors. Under the supervision of the construction superintendent, the optimal number of field brigades is identified, selected, and the coordination between brigades and effective relocation on the construction site are planned.

• Appointment of the Chief Project Officer

The Chief Project Officer is the Anagi representative, who is in direct contact with the customer. To provide the customer with comfortable conditions, the Chief Project Manager informs the customer about the project implementation on a regular basis. The Chief Project Manager is involved in the process of prompt resolution of emerged problems, gives recommendations on how to resolve technical and organizational issues in the best way possible.

• Provision of construction machinery and equipment

Together with the technical staff of Anagi-Mechanization, the last details of the jointly developed construction organization and production of the projects, such as construction machinery placement plans, their technical parameters, logistics and sequence of processes, are specified. Starting from the mobilization phase of the project to its complete demobilization, the team of Anagi-Mechanization is constantly ready to meet all the requirements of the rapidly constructing facilities.

• Documentation and technical support

Provision of approved project-expenditure documentation, construction schedules, facility logs and multiple production acts is the responsibility of the technical support unit. Together with Anagi Financial Group, the specialists of the department continuously monitor and record the financial status and reporting of the facility.

• Provision of materials and service procurements

Taking into account the plan drawn up in advance, as well as additional requirements of the customer that emerged during the construction process, the procurement and supply services ensure prompt procurement and delivery of all necessary materials and services, both from local and foreign markets.

• Labor safety and protection

Anagi's top priority is the safety of engineering and technical personnel, labor force and third parties. A pre-compiled safety plan, introductory and reminding learning, as well as unconditional observance of the instructions, are the subject of constant care of the Labor Safety and Security Service staff.

• Quality control and technology procedures planning

Proceeding from the specificity of the projects, the Quality Control and Technology Unit identifies the quality requirements for the facility, as well as the methodological plan for applying technologies and carrying out works. The service identifies a permanent representative, who conducts monitoring of this very important direction.

• Legal support

In the process of planning and construction, the operational organization of permits issuance, procedural or other issues with municipal authorities, city and local self-government services, grid companies or the third parties, are provided by Anaga legal service team.

During planning and implementation of the construction, legal team of "Anagi" ensures operative organization of subjects concerning permits, procedural questions and other matters connected with Municipal authorities, City and Local self-governments, network owner companies and third persons.