Ropeway, Batumi


Client:MACE International Overseas Limited

Start date:Apr 2012
Completion date:Jul 2013
Total Area: 1100 m2

Project Description

Ropeway stations are designed with full framed structural diagram. Their reinforced concrete and metal load-bearing elements are:

Foundations – pad foundations from monolithic reinforced concrete; massive pad foundations from monolithic reinforced concrete are arranged under supports of technical plants and equipment.
Vertical structural elements – metal columns from metal H-beams and square pipes, monolithic reinforced concrete columns.
Horizontal structural elements – metal beams and longitudinal girders on which monolithic reinforced concrete slabs are arranged.
Roof – galvanized corrugated deck on metal longitudinal girders.
Glass panels – aluminum profiles, double-pane insulated windows.
Façade finishing – Alucobond panel façade system.

Massive pad foundations from monolithic reinforced concrete were arranged under metal supports of the ropeway in compound relief.