Residential Building, Gonio


Client:Kvariati 2005 Partnership

Start date:Jan 2007
Completion date:Dec 2007
Total Area: 7150 m2

Project Description

5-floor building has been designed with the full framed structure. Reinforced concrete load-bearing frame is decided with the simple, flat platelike and straight bar elements.

Foundations – reinforced concrete pad foundations bonded by foundation beams.
Walls and partitions – small concrete masonry blocks.
Doors, windows and glass panels – metal-plastic profiles, double-pane insulated windows.
Roof – insulated, soft waterproofing roll typed material.
Façade finishing – sand-cement mortar, façade paint.
Corridor floors, staircase landing and steps – paving with mosaic tiles. 
Walls – sand-cement mortar, water-based paint.
Yard and outdoor parking – paving with decorative concrete tiles, outdoor lighting system, children's swimming pool.