Reconstruction on Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi


Client:N(N)LE Tbilisi Development Fund

Start date:Apr 2012
Completion date:Dec 2013
Total Area: 2750 m2

Project Description

Two existing buildings have been strengthened and rehabilitated within the reconstruction scope, one building has been completely demolished and constructed from zero due to its emergency condition; its reinforced concrete load-bearing elements have been designed as flat platelike and bar elements. As for the renovated buildings, their foundations have been strengthened with the injected 115 mm diameter piles. Existing roofs have been replaced with the galvanized sheet systems. Facades have been plastered with the sand-cement mortar. Cornices and decorative ornaments have been made with the mortar and natural stones. Existing wooden windows have been replaced. Offices located in the buildings have been completely reconstructed. Attic has been arranged with the steel profiles.

Foundations – monolithic reinforced concrete bored 800 mm diameter piles, with the monolithic reinforced concrete slab above.
Walls – small concrete masonry blocks.
Windows – English style wooden windows.
Façade finishing – plaster, façade paint, cornices.
Roof – galvanized sheets on wooden rafter system.