Technical Department

Giorgi Chikhladze

Position: Director of technical department (Tbilisi Office)
Giorgi Chikhladze graduated from Georgian Polytechnic Institute in 1983, Faculty of Construction, specializing in Civil and Industrial Construction.

Between 1978 - 1997 he worked at II construction and installation department of N5 common construction trust of the Ministry of Construction of Georgia on various positions: concrete worker, master, superintendent of works, engineer of industrial-technical department and chief of industrial-technical department in the end. In 1999 - 2004 he was the engineer of the construction department of "Reestablishment" Ltd. In 2005-2007 he worked as an Engineer of construction department of "Adjara Electricity Company" Ltd. In 2007 - 2009 he held the position of technical supervisor of the "Wind of Change" Ltd.

In 2010 he started working at “Anagi” Ltd., firstly as the leading specialist of technical department, and after that he was appointed as the director of the technical department of Tbilisi Office.