Financial Department


Position: Deputy CFO
Tamta Bartaia graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in 2004. She was awarded a Bachelor's degree. In 2013, Tamta graduated from Tbilisi Free University ESM Business School and received a Master of Business Administration degree.

Tamta has many years of experience in finances in the field of energy and telecommunications. In 2007, Tamta started working for Ibercompany in the field of finances. During 2010-2014, Tamta held various positions at Georgian Industrial Group. During 2014-2017, she worked as the Head of Financial Department at the Energy Development Fund of Georgia. From 2017, Tamta was the Financial Director at Delta-Comm. She has taken various professional development courses at ESM Business School and Caucasus School of Business.

In 2019, Tamta was appointed as Deputy CFO of Anagi Construction Company.