Technical Department


Position: Structural Engineer
Levan Pirkulashvili graduated with honors in 2006 from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Georgian Technical University, majoring in industrial and civil construction. He was awarded a bachelor’s degree with a qualification of a builder. In 2008 he completed Master’s degree program with honors at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Georgian Technical University in the field of construction structures, specializing in industrial and civil construction, and was awarded a Master’s degree in construction. In 2013 he completed doctoral studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the same University and was awarded the academic degree of Doctor of Engineering.

In 2010-2013 L. Pirkulashvili was invited to the position of a senior teacher at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Georgian Technical University, in the field of building constructions, and was delivering a lecture course: "Restoration-Enforcement of Buildings and Premises".

Starting from 2013, Levan Pirkulashvili is an Assistant Professor at Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil and Industrial Construction Technologies and Building Materials. He reads lecture courses in "Construction Process Technology", "Basics of Construction Operations", "On-Site Supervision of Construction", " Basics of Construction Technologies of Buildings and Premises", "Civil and Industrial Building Construction Technologies", “Explorable Monolithic Construction Technology and Analysis of its Efficiency”, "Thermotechnical Calculation of Multilayer Enclosing Walls and Analysis of its Efficiency".

In 2008-2011, Levan Pirkulashvili worked as a constructor at Godol 2008 Ltd, in 2013-2015 - a chief constructor; in 2012-2013 he was a chief constructor at Line Cube Ltd and the head of the project team. At different times during 2013-2017 he was an invited Chief Engineer-Constructor at LEPL "Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development Agency". In 2016-2017 he was an invited engineer-constructor at the Design Service of the Construction Division of the Logistics Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2010-2020 he was an invited Chief Constructor at many different design and construction organizations: American Monolith Ltd., Ald Stutio Ltd., Gnomon Ltd., LD Union Ltd., Arch Group Ltd. Tourbilion, Arinex Ltd., Sunstone Medical Ltd., Block Georgia Ltd., Senson Ltd., Apex Studio 1 Ltd., Dona Group Ltd., New House Group Ltd. Art Building Ltd, Industry Ltd., JSC Medical Corporation Evex, LEPL Municipal Development Fund of Georgia. He was also a private expert in projects and technical condition assessment of the construction part of buildings.

Starting from 2020 Levan Pirkulashvili is an inspector of the accredited inspection body Expertise Ltd in the field of construction; from 2021 - Member of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), in the field of construction at LEPL Unified National Accreditation Body - Accreditation Center.

In 2018 Levan Pirkulashvili joined Anagi Construction Company and in 2018-2019 was an engineer-coordinator for the construction of a stadium for 20,000 spectators in Batumi, and since 2020 he has been the company's Structural Engineer.

In 2020, Levan Pirkulashvili worked as a trainer of Professional Development Training for Professors and Teachers organized by UNDP and held in Batumi.

In 2013-2015 he received a scientific grant on the topic: Dynamic Stability of Flexible Load-Bearing Structures during Accidental Seismic Loads from Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

Levan Pirkulashvili participated in open international scientific conferences:
  • GTU 72nd Open International Scientific Conference. Section of Mathematics - II place;
  • GTU 78th Open International Scientific Conference. Section of Civil and Industrial Construction - II place.
His published scientific articles and theses are:
  • Pre-tensioned spatial structural construction of the roof. Scientific-Technical Journal Construction №4 (19), 2010, (1 page);
  • Issues of calculation of a rope beam with a closed contour. Scientific-Technical Journal Construction №2 (25), 2012, " (1 page);
  • Determination of magnitude of losses of prestressing force in a new type construction of the cylinder bores. Scientific-Technical Journal Construction №3 (26), 2012, (1 page);
  • Calculation of unstretchable yarn beam and application of pre-tension with high-strength coils. Collection of abstracts, Technical University, Tbilisi, 2010, (1 page).
He is the author of two scientific papers:
  • Dynamic stability of steel column under vertical seismic load;
  • Calculation and construction of a new type of pre-tensioned regular (structural) spatial construction of building roofs.
Levan Pirkulashvili is also a co-author of technical literature:
  • Reconstruction-enforcement of buildings, Manual. Tbilisi 2013;
  • Reinforcement of frame structures. Methodological Guidelines, Tbilisi, 2013.
He is also the author of two inventions:
  • Pre-tensioned spatial construction of the roof of a rectangular building in the plan. Patent P 2013 5842 B, Bulletin, №4 (368)], 25.02.2013.
  • Pre-tensioned frame construction. Patent P 2017 6652 B, Bulletin №6 (514). 25.03.2019.