Procurement Department


Position: Director of logistics
Christine Pelikhi graduated from Ilia Chavchavadze State Institute of Foreign Languages, Faculty of English Language and Literature.

In 2003-2010 worked at JSC Cartu Group, firstly as a procurement manager and later as a deputy head of the procurement department. In 2012-2013 Christine Pelikhi was the head of the procurement department of 9th Channel. In 2013-2016 she worked as the head of procurement department of GDS TV. Correctly planned procurement strategy by Christine gave both companies an opportunity to save several million dollars.

From 2012 to 2016 Christine worked as the head of JSC Cartu Group procurement department. She headed a 15-people department that has been producing procurement the worth of 100 million dollars annually on the US, Europe and Asia scale.

The following projects were implemented with direct participation of Christine Pelikhi: AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION HOTELS BY MARRIOTT, BLACK SEA ARENA, GEORGIA MINIATURES, National Theater of Opera and Ballet, Construction of Ten Rugby Stadiums, within the Georgian Rugby Development Program, which was designed and financed by Cartu Group. From the end of 2016 to March 2017, Christine worked as a director of operations of DOMSON'S ENGINEERING Ltd. She was directly involved in achieveing the progress and development of the company, as well as she leaded the effective and efficient working process of the project group.

Currently, Christine holds the position of director of logistics of company Anagi.