Quality and Technology Control Service

Aleksandre Gamrekeli

Position: Quality and Technology Control Officer
Aleksandre Gamrekeli currently is a senior at Georgian Technical University, Faculty of Economics.

Aleksandre Gamrekeli started working at "Kaparol Georgia" company in 2013 as a translator of technical specifications of coloring materials. In 2014-2015 he worked as an assistant of senior technologist at the same company. In 2014, whithin the World Championship, Aleksandre was the representative of the company as well as the sponsor at “Event Hall”, where he conducted organization and management of events. In the same year, he was the company’s representative on the Exhibition of Construction Materials. In 2016 Irakli worked at trade center “Domino” as a promoter and seller of construction materials.

Since 2017 Aleksandre holds the position of Quality and Technology Control Officer at “Anagi” company.