Powerful Technical and Production Base

High-tech construction focused on speed and quality is impossible without the efficient, modern technology that Anagi-Mechanization provides. We have more than 160 multifunctional vehicles and units of machinery at our disposal, with qualified personnel and technicians to operate all our equipment.

A subsidiary of Anagi, Lugo LTD, operates two state-of-the-art plants producing concrete of the compressive strength and type required for modern construction. The plant is also equipped with a high productivity stone crushing unit, scales for heavy loads, and a laboratory for quality control.

Mshentechkontroli LTD is an accredited testing laboratory for construction materials and products, which focuses on the timely and quality execution of testing procedures, all in accordance with the methodology defined in the normative documents. The services include the determination of material and product characteristics, such as the physical and mechanical properties of reinforcement; the testing of concrete on compression; the quality of sand, crushed stone, and sand-and-gravel mix, and the strength of building structures using the continuous method.

The Full Construction Process

Anagi’s many years of experience and success in the field has provided the company with extensive qualifications in production and enabled us to develop a flexible and comfortable environment for all of our customer relations.

Flexible Financing Plan

We offer flexible financing schemes for your projects – with no requirement for advance payment, under condition of guarantee obligations.

Stability and Reliability

With more than three decades experience, all of our approaches are tuned towards customer interest, financial stability, and the conscientious performance of our obligations, each of which guarantees Anagi's extensive credibility.

Construction Using Modern Technologies

Rapidly developing technologies and a highly competitive environment drive our motivation to utilize innovative techniques both in construction and our approach to management.

Powerful Technical and Production Base

High-tech construction focused on speed and quality is impossible without modern technique, which is efficiently provided for by Anagi-Mechanization. There are more than 160 units of multifunctional vehicles and machinery at the disposal of the company. Qualified personnel and technicians operate the equipment.

Unconditional Fulfillment of Contractual Liabilities

During project planning, Anagi pays significant attention to the principal components of construction, such as: all technological and quality requirements, deadlines, financial schemes, together with numerous other critical aspects.

Experienced and Highly Qualified Specialists

Our success is in many respects defined by the professionalism of our team. Most of the engineering and technical staff involved in the construction process have more than ten years of experience in construction.

Quality Service

During the planning and implementation of design works and the construction process, the company always prioritizes customer comfort, with the preparation of detailed reports, the execution of changes, and the joint resolution of any problems that may arise.

Service Throughout Georgia

No matter whether it is the seaside, in a mountainous area, or a busy city, the Anagi team works successfully everywhere in Georgia.